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Holiday Newsletter
December 1, 2009
The Holiday Season
by John Lowery
The last year in the US has been a really tough time for many.  We have seen many businesses close their doors, we've watched friends lose their jobs and homes.  Yes, it has been hard and I can only say that if you have been affected by these tough times that the holiday season is a great time to reflect.  You see it's been said that our attitude will determine our altitude.  To really stay positive you have to reflect on the things you are grateful for.
Here are a few holiday tips for you to help spread joy to others this holiday season.  Open the door for someone, smile at every stranger you come across, give a homeless guy or the salvation army a few bucks when you can, invite an elderly person, or military person to your holiday dinner.  Little things will mean alot to yourself and to the others.
Happy Holidays!
   Holiday Recipe
Holiday Flower Arrangement
One way to really spruce up your property this holiday season is with a great flower arrangement.  Colorful flowers can make people happier and make your property stand out from above the rest.  We recently installed the most beautiful flower design in North County San Diego. To see a demonstration of this please see our latest video on Youtube by clicking here.  
Drainage/Errosion Control
By Greg Vasilieff
Weather forecasters have determined there is an El Nino weather pattern beginning and our rains will become stronger and more long term. To protect your property have your landscape company check all your drainage and give you bids to upgrade and repair your drainage system for this Winter's predicted heavy rains. Drainage is the key to protect your property from flooding, building damage, and to insure errosion control.

Planting slows down in the Winter Months for most properties & communities, however demand from your landscape professional proposals to plant hillsides and areas around drainage NOW. We are just beginning the San Diego Winter on Monday December 21st 2009 for 3 months. It is inevitable that your property will experience some flooding, errosion problems, and drainage problems. Begin to plant your bare areas now, to prevent mudd flow, errosion problems, and debris into your drainage areas. Because we are in a warm El Nino Winter, plants will flourish and grow even during the San Diego Winter Months, this year Winter will be mild in weather. Concentrate on plants that will spread out over the soil and have attractive presentation. Plants such as: White & Purple Lantana, and Star Jasmine are excellent for San Diego County Errosion Control. Use 5 Gallon Plants only to ensure strong growth, and use 3 fertilizer tablets when planting to promote rapid growth. For more information on errosion control or drainage control contact Greg Vasilieff at greg@westerngardens.net. Greg is a certified water manager, and irrigation conservation award winner, and a drainage expert.

Tree Trimming
By Greg Vasilieff
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